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We handle every step involved in public relations, from planning to execution. Our services include:

Public Relations Strategy and Positioning

Every client has different objectives. Interlink Media works with each client to determine those objectives and then map out the strategy that will best accomplish the mission. The strategy will form the foundation for all of our public relations efforts.

Media Relations

Reporters need all kinds of information on a company’s products or services, ranging from press releases, fact sheets and product brochures to photos and corporate backgrounds. Our team assists clients in developing media kits that tell a company’s story. From there, we develop different story angles for different publications, matching the message to the medium, and shaping the pitch to sell the story. Our clients appear regularly in newspapers, trade publications, business magazines, radio, TV, and more.

Writing Services

Interlink Media has writers dedicated to writing press releases, user stories and bylined articles for our clients. Our writers understand what sparks a reporter’s interest, how to differentiate our clients from their competitors, and how to craft a message to maximize placement opportunities – all skills that are essential to creating good buzz.

Crisis Management
When a crisis hits, Interlink Media moves fast to help you control the damage. Whether the problem is corporate turmoil, poor earnings or a negative review, Interlink Media is a seasoned crisis manager. We’ll help you put the right spin on the situation, intervene with the press as needed, and protect your good name.